The Natterjacks

The Natterjacks are 3333 randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Join the rest of the Natterjacks in the Marshes and stay up to date on all upcoming roadmap updates, airdrops, and giveaways. We are built from the ground up as a community-first, community-focused project.
This is reflected in our use of the Solana blockchain, direct line of communication to the mods in our Discord server and our willingness to give back to our Early Squad, those who are with us in the Marshes from the beginning. 
Each of our Natterjacks is designed to be as diverse and as unique as all of us. Colors, accessories and clothing have been deliberately chosen to give every one of our Natterjacks timeless appeal, reflecting pop culture but also leaving you room to grow the character of your Natterjack as you see fit. 
Our vision is to build a community that extends well beyond holding NFTs in your wallet. Our roadmap is already published and extends into mid 2023, demonstrating our commitment to the Natterjacks and every single person in the Marshes with us. We’re so excited about bringing the Natterjacks to the world and we cannot wait for our first drop.
 Remember how we said that we want to give back to our Early Squad? This is how we intend to do it - 10 lucky minters will receive a Hannibal Jack. What's so special about Hannibal Jacks I hear you say? If you're lucky enough to be one of 10 Natterjacks to mint a Hannibal Jack, you will each receive 0.5% commission of the entire Natterjacks public mint! Head over to our Twitter and Discord to see how you can be in with a chance of being one of the 10 lucky Natterjacks who gets airdropped a Hannibal Jack!