Magic Eden

The ShadyTigs are bringing staking and groundbreaking royalty redistribution utility to Solana. 
A collection of 2,222 Criminal Tigers hiding out on the blockchain, this project offers a 2.5% royalty on all future sales of OG minters’ NFT for LIFE. Paid out in SOL, directly to your wallet, everytime your piece is sold.
The project seeks to be among the best ROI projects on the market, with 1 $SHDY token per NFT per day. 1,000,000 tokens, liquidity coming from 5% of secondary sales + mint rev. Focus on high value over high volume.
 RadRugs audit underway. Genesis projects, tools and more OTW. ⏰Presale: March 4th, 2 pm UTC ⏰Public: March 5th, 2 pm UTC