Shabby Sharks

    Magic Eden

Shabby Sharks is a deflationary NFT collection of 8,888 hand-drawn randomly generated predators that live in the depths of Solana’s blockchain. Why us? 
Apart from the best sharks on the market we won't stand behind empty promises. Our main goal is to create a gamified NFT collection, where you engage in high prize tournaments hosting some of the popular games you are already playing! This will be possible with collected trading royalties. The competing style and game will be determined by you! Later down the line we will implement a form of weekly quests and much more to give you different opportunities of passive income, such as staking.
The infrastructure for these phases is already built and is in testing, so new features and community engagement will be available soon after launch. Every Shark is unique and combined from over 200 different attributes, but some Sharks are rarer than the others. Who knows what secrets the deepest part of the sea is hiding! Earn by holding your Sharks, as they act as a ticket to our tournament style game events. 
The prize pool for tournaments consists of 50% of all market sale royalties. In later phases our holders will also be able to earn passively with staking their Shabbers. 
But LOOK OUT, protect your Sharks! The Crazy Fisherman is on the move! Join our Discord to become one of our early OG members!