Infinity Girls

    Magic Eden

The collection consists of 3333 NFT girls, 333 of which are genesis animated. The entire project is built around a hit & run styled game and real time connection between Infinity Girls NFT owners in Infinity Space.
Staking Staking is key to our ecosystem. When you lock yours NFT, you will gain access to our Infinity game and Infinity Space. You will also gain $Infinity from staking. 
When you stake your Infinity Girls NFT you will earn 1 $INFINITY each day per NFT (3 $INFINITY for Genesis NFT) Infinity Space Infinity Girls holders will get access to the Infinity Space:
- a space for holders with a public and private text or voice rooms to communicate, share the opinions, chill and decide the future of the project. In the near future part of Infinity Space will be opened for use for other NFT projects as a platform. 
By attracting new people to our project, we will increase our token utility, as it will be used not only by our community Infinity Game Infinity Girls holders will be able to use their NFT's as a playable characters. Infinity Game will be a "Hit & Run" style game in which players get three chances every 24 hours to run as far as they can through the game. 
Each player can earn Infinity Dust while playing the game, which can later be converted into $INFINITY tokens -> 100 Infinity Dust = 1 $INFINITY token. Infinity Dust will be used for purchasing in-game bonuses as well. The utility of $INFINITY token will include: 
- Participating in INFINITY DAO where the weight of your vote will be determined by the amount of tokens you own. - General interaction with INFINITY ECOSYSTEM - Opportunity to buy GEN2 INFINITY PETS NFT. These NFTs will give you $INFINITY gain boost. - Opportunity to buy COSMETIC NFT ITEMS FOR INFINITY SPACE APARTAMENTS - Opportunity to buy ANIMATED EMOJIS FOR INFINITY SPACE - Opportunity to send NFT NOTES FOR INFINITY SPACE APARTAMENT OWNERS